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TDW is a people-oriented company that strongly believes in the investment of its own staff. We provide comfortable living and working conditions because we believe a happy and motivated workforce provides a better service, a higher quality and improved efficiency.

Every morning we held the exercises to make us full of energy.

We have our own farm-which our staff can enjoy by planting and harvesting. They can also eat the fresh food. We regularly hold various activities like, birthday party, athletic competition , which can relieve the pressure, and improve the health, and make every staff live at home.

QCD, is our management concept and main guideline: best quality, lowest cost, prompt delivery. With our advanced ERP system, it improves management and control. 

QCD is alive in our daily work and life. It creates more opportunities in order to satisfy our customers’ competitive demand.

Here are some pictures to show our various activities as below:




Address: Xinxing Industrial Zone, Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. PRC ??Tel: + 86-769-86636089 ??Fax: + 86-769-86322233
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